Osprey Winds Photography.

Photography by Dave DeMarco

Capturing Life One Image at a Time

I started Osprey Winds Photography because so many of my friends encouraged me to commercially pursue my passion of photography. I am a freelance photographer and currently split my time between my day job and my future job of professional photographer. I do custom assignments regarding fine art landscape and portraiture photography. All of the images on the site are mine and are for sale. Should you wish to purchase any or discuss an assignment, please reach out and contact me.  I look forward to getting to meet new friends and delighting new clients. 

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Diabetes Profiles of Courage

Diabetes has touched my life both personally and professionally. The burden of the disease on patients, families, friends and society is oppressive. 25 million Americans have diabetes today and 75 million more Americans have prediabetes. If left unchecked, one in three Americans will have diabetes by 2050. In 2012 diabetes cost the US $245 billion. There are many painful stigmas about diabetes that put an even increased psychological burden on those who have the disease. Diabetes Profiles of Courage is my personal project meant to honor those individuals have diabetes and have the courage and discipline to live every day under control. These people are true heroes going about their everyday lives. This project is meant to showcase their heroism and honor them.

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